LPU DE's participation in 10th Annual Sports Meet of University

Hundreds of LPU Distance Education students participated in 10th Annual Sports Meet of LPU on 16th-17th February 2018 at University Campus along with the regular students. 
Our MBA student Mr. Amanpreet Singh, who is the World Cup and Commonwealth Championship medallist in shooting, ignited the customary torch along with the top dignitaries and athletes of the university.

The students showed great deal of enthusiasm while participating in the March-past and in various racing events like 4x100 m Relay, 5000 m, 400 m etc. and also in field events like High Jump, Shotput etc.

Mr. Jatinder Singh, DE student from Nabha secured 3rd position in 1500 m race. We Congratulate all the participants and achievers for their spirited performance.