LPU DE Students from Raikot, Barnala, Bhadaur and Dhuri visited university campus

More than 250 students from Raikot, Barnala, Bhadaur and Dhuri belonging to LPU DE programmes of different streams visited university campus on 22nd October 2016 and got oriented about various endeavors of the university in the field of higher and distance education.

Students interacted with officials of Lovely Faculty of Distance Education and got motivated to put their best and honest efforts in their career pursuits. They also shared their feedback on various student oriented features adopted by the university to facilitate self learning of students.

Many of the visiting students displayed their creative abilities when they presented their self composed musical and literary compositions. Students were taken around on the guided trip of the campus which made them note and appreciate many engineering and architectural marvels of LPU.

Illustrative, LPU gives opportunities to DE students to interact directly with university officials. During these interactions, DE students can clear their doubts regarding their issues related to academics, study material, evaluation, certification, university events etc.