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Database and its need-DBMS (BA/BSC_IT/BCA/MSC_IT/MCA/MBA/PGDCA)

Database and its need What is Data? Data is a collection of a distinct unit of information. This “data” is used in a variety of forms of text, numbers, media and many more. Talking in terms of computing. Data is basically information that can be translated into a particular form for efficient movement and processing. Example : Name, age, weight, height, etc. What is a Database? The database is an organized collection of structured data to make it easily accessible, manageable and update. In simple words, you can say, a database in a place where the data is stored. The best analogy is the library. The library contains a huge collection of books of different genres, here the library is database and books are the data. In layman terms, consider your school registry. All the details of the students are entered in a single file.  You get the details regarding the students in this file. This is called a Database where you can access the information of any student. Database Co

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