LPU Distance Education: Opening New Vistas for Housewives

Housewives sometimes must be wondering whether they have their own identity other than acting as life and blood for their families, whether they have fulfilled their aspirations or lived their dreams? Unfortunately for many of the housewives in India, answer to most of such questions is in negative. But Lovely Professional University (LPU), India's Largest University in terms of number of students on a single campus, is offering Distance Education programmes to fulfill the educational and professional aspirations of millions of students including housewives.

If you want to enhance your knowledge and qualification along with performing your regular household responsibilities then LPU Distance Education (LPU DE) programmes would be a perfect choice for you. The University offers plethora of programmes suiting to the varied interests and aspirations of the housewives. For those who want to just enter the pale of Higher education, LPU DE has various programmes to offer at Diploma and UG level. If you are looking for affordable but quality University education then you can join LPU DE 'Commerce' programmes with fee as low as Rs. 5900/- per semester or 'Humanities' programmes with fee as low as Rs. 6900/- per year. 

If you want to enhance your managerial skills or want to support your husband's business, you can opt for Management programmes like MBA, BBA and PGDBM. If you have technical bent of mind in the field of computers or IT you can go for MCA, M.Sc. IT, M.Sc. CS, BCA, B.Sc. IT and other similar programmes. For channelising your creative spirtits you can choose M.A. or B.A. with subjects like English, Hindi, History, Education, Sociology, Economics, Political Sceinec and Mathematics. 

If you have taken break from your professional career for supporting your family, LPU DE has various professional programmes to offer in the disciplines of IT, Management, Commerce and Library & Information Sciences at UG and PG level for honing your professional skills during the break period. This will make you ready to face the challenges of the work life once you want to come out of your self- imposed exile. 

If you want to continue your studies from where you have left before marriage, it has got significant number of programmes in the disciplines of IT and Management with provisions of lateral entry. Considering your family priorities and exigencies, LPU DE offers flexibility of completing a programme over a period of time. You don't have to feel disheartened after seeing transfer order in your husband's hand as you can continue your LPU DE programme with the aid of LPU e-Connect (Learning Management system of LPU DE) with 24x7 online access to academic resources.

The University is taking quality University education to the doorsteps of rural womenfolk to make them self assured and confident in taking care of the education of their children. For women who consider English as a deterrent to study further, LPU offers quite a number of Humanities programmes in Hindi/ Punjabi medium at PG and UG level. 

Finally the final words: LPU DE programmes intend to provide every housewife an identity of her own which she would always be proud of.